On April 8th, 2018, the 23rd Huading Awards Ceremony was held in Macau. Following the ceremony, the Huading Elite Film & Television Fund was announced, the first film and video fund in Macau. In addition, the Hauding Awards Group officially released the “Huading Award 2027 Sustainable Strategic Development Plan.” Mr. Wang Haige, the founder of Huading Awards, delivered an important speech on the goal of the Huading Awards and the effort to create world-class awards. He reviewed more than a decade worth of the awards’ success and emphasized its global significance of possessing big country’s cultural self-confidence in “the belt and road” initiative, and the important role played by the Hua-Ding Awards.

China is not recognized for its world-class award shows, so we are committed to this goal. The Huading Prize was founded in 2007 and aims to facilitate cultural exchanges between China and five continents, to merge Chinese cultures into multiculturalism, to recognize the achievements of the world’s film and television and music practitioners, and to spread the Chinese voice throughout the world. Today, the Huading Awards have gone through a decade of hard work, and have gradually grown and expanded. They have been involved in public image assessments and films, television dramas, music, variety shows and other fields. They have become popular with the general public, and praised by the Chinese and foreign media as the “Global Word of Mouth Awards.”