On September 16, the list of nominations for various awards in the 31st The Golden Tripod was announced in Los Angeles, including “Nomadland” (U.S.), “The Eight Hundred” (China), and “The Man Standing Next” (Korea), “Tenet” (U.S.) and “Druk” (Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands) were nominated for Best Movie.

Under the impact of the pandemic, there is a lack of masterpieces, and yet four countries’ films compete for the best

In 2020, the global film industry has been severely affected by the pandemic. Cinemas in major global film markets such as North America, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and India have been temporarily closed. The release of many blockbuster films has been postponed, resulting in the quantity and quality of films released which is not as good as 2019.

4 countries’ actors were nominated for best actor, Andy Lau might not be strong enough compared to his opponent these days.

As in previous years, the best actor award for the The Golden Tripod Awards is very fierce this year. Five outstanding actors from four countries have been nominated. The 84-year-old British national treasure actor Anthony Hopkins, after winning this year’s Oscar winner, is once again nominated for international film awards such as the The Golden Tripod Awards for “The Father” and became one of the most popular actors.

Competitive actresses such as Francis McDormand and Gong Li face stronger opponents

In the best actress award, Francis McDormand, winner of the three-time Academy Awards for best actress, is undoubtedly the candidate. She is nominated as a global actress for this year’s The Golden Tripod Awards for “Nomadland”. In this film, she once again showed the audience a simple, natural, and traceless acting skills.

Zhao Ting and Nolan compete for the best director, and the best prominent actor is insane

The five directors who have been nominated for the Best Director of The Golden Tripod Awards are from China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea. The young female director Zhao Ting who is in the spotlight, but also the Japanese director who is over 60 years old, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and Hollywood director Christopher Nolan, who enjoys high prestige among movie fans all over the world.

Considering that the pandemic is still spreading globally, the 31st The Golden Tripod Awards will not hold an offline ceremony in the United States. After the announcement of the nomination list and the selection by the jury, the finalist will be announced in Los Angeles.