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U.S.-China Motion Picture Association

The UCMPA specializes in the development of Hollywood screenplays from inception to completion, with experience in film investments, production, distribution, talent selection, and even theater release selections. The reach of the organization extends globally, in the film markets of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, France and other countries. 

What the UCMPA does uniquely is unite these regions using the special internet platform. This platform will create cross-cultural opportunities that extend beyond film markets. Indeed, this global communication presents new and exciting possibilities within other industries as well. The Association will bestow honorable awards to famous film directors and actors from Hollywood, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

The UCMPA and MG Pictures will create a program called  “Write to Win” (W2W). W2W will provide the opportunity for the best storytellers and screenwriters to rise. This program is the most significant feature of the UCMPA that will reach a new level of success. The programs will utilize the world’s top film resources for global investment cooperation and create a new generation of Hollywood storytellers and screenwriters. Ultimately, they will enhance the quality of mainstream movies and extend the reach of entertainment to bridge a gap between man and movies. 

The UCMPA has unique perspectives on the concept, development, screenplay writing, production, and distribution of Hollywood films, and a deep understanding of the history, formation, and development of the Hollywood movie industry. From the first film shot in Hollywood in 1910, In Old California, to the many 2017 blockbuster movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Fast and Furious 8, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Wonder Woman and more, the film industry has grown tremendously. If we compared the world movie industry to a boxing ring, Hollywood would be the long-reigning champion, witnessing the ups and downs of over a hundred years.

In 1905, the first Chinese film Dingjun Mountain, shot by the Chinese people themselves, opened the era for Chinese film.  Over 100 years later, with the prosperous development of film industry, Chinese domestic movies such as, Wolf Warrior 2, Never Say Die, and Kung Fu Yoga have gained huge success in box-office and drawn global attention. This illustrates the tremendous potential and value of the Chinese film market.

The UCMPA is determined to set up a bridge between the Hollywood mainstream movies and the Chinese movie market, to make the cooperation vibrant and colorful like a rainbow. The UCMPA will allow more Chinese investors to directly invest in high-quality movies in Hollywood, and also provide a solid and practical platform to serve screenplay writers, directors, artists and various film and TV professionals in both the United States and China. To have direct communication, exchange ideas, and to carry out cooperations, the UCMPA will follow the principle of sharing resources, complementing each other’s strength, using win-win strategies to accomplish mutual benefits and development to comprehensively promote the career development of filmmakers. The goal of the UCMPA is to foster the organic integration of Hollywood’s top film industry with China’s vast film talent and market, and to make the cooperation between the two free of any barriers; to allow free access, eliminate intermediaries, build strong connections, and let the global film and television culture lay the foundation for the healthy development.

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billion dollars theatrical and home entertainment market
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